Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Marathon continues

So I told you that I began my marketing marathon a little while ago. I have now joined Facebook and haven't decided yet if I'm going to join Twitter. I watched a Social Media Marketing webcast 2 weeks ago and it was beneficial, but in the end, they wanted people to buy their service of updating all your social media sites for you. Now I have a problem with that, because they obviously are not you, so they may write something that is not representative of you.

Another problem that I have with the idea that people actually do use their service, is that, unless you are a super duper busy business person, you should have time to post a quick blurb on what you are working on, or have someone that works for you, to do that. I just see it as a big waste of money to pay someone else to post your status for you. Their costs were $395 per month to manage 5 or 6 social media sites and a whopping $195 for managing one. Spending that kind of money on something like that is totally ridiculous to me. Anyway, I'm glad they offered their knowledge on social media marketing to people, for free. I did learn some things.

I took notes on the webcast to share, but I haven't made time to format them for viewing - so stay tuned. In the marketing update, I have added a couple of new web business listings on yellow page like websites. I am getting ready to post my fine art photos on my social media sites. I have joined photography groups on LinkedIn, so I am more up to date with current trends and events, as well as contests, which is another important marketing component that I have not talked about. Over the last few years I have been entering many photo contests, especially for National Geographic and their affiliates. I have entered some others and had my work chosen for a contest at an online gallery called Caladan Gallery. I am getting ready to enter a few more with pending deadlines. I have also recently added a MiNeeds profile to gain more exposure. I definitely have noticed my web standings have gone up. I am on the front page of all searches for my name, and sometimes, I am first, which was not the case 6 months ago. I'll keep you posted, as the marathon continues.

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